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Tamara Mellon etet Revenge Nappa Legging Boots | Out From Under Cropped Hoodie | Urban Outfitters Blazer

I know what you’re thinking. Boot? Pant? “No wait, are they leggings?” Instyle Magazine put it best – “Whatever you want to call them, they’re the manifestation of shoe designer Tamara Mellon‘s ingenuity. They break down barriers between clothing and accessories, between logic and insanity.” Tamara Mellon calls them “Legging Boots” and she first introduced the innovative design of the “Sweet Revenge” 3 years ago.

I feel that it is important for me to share Tamara’s story because I admire her drive, creative mind and genuinely find it fascinating. In 1966, Tamara Mellon decided to leave British Vogue, as the accessory editor, to co-found a company known as Jimmy Choo – which I know you’ve all heard of. To further drive home my point –for over 16 years, Tamara built one of the most highly recognized luxury brands in the world. I sincerely respect Tamara’s strength and passion for doing what she loves – designing shoes and breaking rules. I was honestly thrilled and honored that the brand approached me with such an amazing brand collaboration, as I have been an admirer of Tamara and Tamara Mellon for years.  She is the true definition of a badass boss babe.

This season she perfected the silhouette and re-launched the “Sweet Revenge” legging boots this season, right behind Balenciaga’s version of “bants” that made there PFW debut in 2017. But, long before the release of the bant or legging boots, the team at Jimmy Choo resisted this idea and didn’t understand her vision. They could not comprehend her idea of the boot legging, thought it was too risky and that women wouldn’t “get it”. Fast forward a few years later and Tamara has started over. She has created her own luxury company that designs shoes for a community of unapologetic, irreverent and sexy women. Tamara wanted to step out of the luxury brand barriers and create a company that did not go through retailers, rather direct to women and shoes that are designed in Italian factories to buy now, wear now. Let me tell you something – women do get the legging boot. To me, the receptive release of this legging boot is the ultimate in Sweet Revenge. This design has been seen on Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and Kim Kardashian West, Rita Ora and now me!

Tamara Mellon got the idea to create this design because her mother had a similar pair in the 60’s. She used to wear them under mini skirts, and Tamara always thought they were so great because they eliminated the line between an ankle boot and the leather legging. This is one of my main reasons why I would always stay away from leather leggings. There would always be the question of what shoes to wear with them. The shoe would either cut my leg and reverse that streamlined look that I strived for, which would the purpose of wearing a sleek leather legging! Tamara always sought after this clean streamlined look that I’m talking about. She envisioned a jaw-dropping boot that was designed to lengthen the leg, and that didn’t stop at thigh high. In other words, she answered my prayers and designed the ultimate wardrobe solution. Not to mention, you can style these legging boots with an oversized blazer and cropped hoodie and have an effortlessly edgy look in seconds. The fact that Tamara stood by her idea and years later, on her own terms and at her namesake company, she designed the ultimate in legging boots: The Sweet Revenge Boots.

Liv Micheli is wearing the Sweet Revenge Legging Boots, designed by Tamara Mellon. The Sweet Revenge is a Legging Boot and Liv is wearing an Out From Under Cropped Hoodie and Urban Outfitter Blazer with them in New York.When I first tried them on I had that moment where I realized what a truly unique design the Sweet Revenge legging boots are. When you take them out of the box and see a legging attached to a shoe, you are honestly a little skeptical. But when I put them on I was like “OH! These are amazing.” They’re so wearable because your pants and shoes are already taken care of. All you have to do is throw on a baggy sweater or a blazer and hoodie. I am confident when I say that the legging boots are going to making an appearance at a few of my holiday parties this season. I plan to style them with a sleek tuxedo jacket and blouse for a more festive holiday look.

The fit is perfect, extremely flattering and if you’re wondering how these legging could work for women with varying sizes, think no further. Every shoe has 2 legging sizes. I am a size 40 shoe and I chose between a size xs/s or m/l legging size. I went with the xs/small and I am so glad that I did. The leather has the perfect amount of stretch and the elastic waist sits comfortably against the body. These boots are the perfect height and will work for women ranging in heights from 5- foot-2 to 5-foot-9, like me. The only difference is that you will get a different look depending on your height. If you’re more petite, then the legging boots will look cool scrunched up around the ankles and if you’re tall you can just pull the leggings up. Either way, they’re sick. The Sweet Revenge comes in different colorways and fabrics. The black suede is phenomenal and there are talks of a chocolate brown and grey colorways in the future. I hold this brand in such high regard and it is such an honor to work with Tamara Mellon. I look forward to what the company has in store and hopefully, I will feature more Tamara Mellon styles on the blog very soon!

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Liv xx

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