I.AM.GIA Cobain Pant Liv For Luxury

It’s back to black on Liv For Luxury today! I may be a little late to the party with this one, but I feel that it’s necessary to share Instagram’s crowd favorite Australian brand. Simply put, Australians do it best and this label has been seen on the most beloved models in the industry. Have you seen those street style photos of models off-duty wearing those relaxed fit high waisted parachute-esque pants with the cuffed bands at the bottom and a chain hangin’ down the side and thought to yourself – “where are those from?” Well, they were most likely the Cobain Pants from the ever so popular Australian brand known as I.AM.GIA.

I.AM.GIA Cobain Pant Liv For Luxury

Now I’m sure you’re vaguely familiar with this brand, as I have been for the past few months. I.AM.GIA is barely 8 months old and it’s already a go-to for some of the most-followed fashion stars in the business. Scroll through Instagram on any given day, and odds are you’ll come across s stylish individual wearing the brand’s pieces. The only thing that was holding me back from joining the #IAMGIAarmy sooner was the shipping costs from their Australia website and my indecisiveness about sizing. Australians brands tend to run small, but the oversized nature of the silhouette swayed me towards purchasing a size small.

I.AM.GIA Cobain Pant Liv For Luxury

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Urban Outfitters and Revolve and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was THE pants. The pants that I had been pining after for months were on a US website and I could finally try them. The days of going back and forth between ordering the pants or letting them sit in my cart for weeks upon weeks were over. (Don’t act like you’ve never been there.) When I received my order in the mail, as you can probably already guess, I was beyond excited.


I.AM.GIA Cobain Pant Liv For Luxury

The Cobian Pants from I.AM.GIA. have such a uniquely distinct style and the fit was exactly what I pictured. I would describe them as being effortlessly relaxed, with a fitted waist that travels down through the hip. The leg is semi-relaxed but tapers down to the cuffed bands at the bottom, making them a versatile piece to wear with boots, sneakers and even strappy heels when the temps warm up. The silver chain hanging from the belt loops adds such an edgy vibe that I just love. I ended up going with the size small because they fit my waist perfectly and the medium looked too big in the waist, bum, and leg.

I.AM.GIA Cobain Pant Liv For Luxury

Outfit Details:

I.AM.GIA Cobain Pants (also here, and here /here in tan) | Zara Jacket  (s/o, similar here, and here, and here) | ALIX Bodysuit (here in tan) | IRO Paris Boots


I wanted to let the pants be the highlight of this looks so I decided to pair them with a short black ankle boot to highlight the banded elastic bottom of these pants and show a bit of ankle. A sleek and simple top, again to help compliment the pants, was the way to go. This ALIX crew-neck bodysuit is one of my wardrobe staples and it was the perfect pairing. Lastly, a cropped black teddy jacket helped to tie the look together and added an element of texture and warmth! These cold winter days in NY will just not let up! How could you ever go wrong with an all-black look? The answer – you can’t! In the words of the Adams Family “Black is such a happy color”.

I hope you enjoyed this post! You can select I.AM.GIA pieces at Urban Outfitters, Revolve, and Dolls Kill. You can shop this look and some of my favorite I.AM.GIA picks below:


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