Liv For Luxury is a New York based fashion blog I created as an outlet to share my outfit inspirations and express my love for fashion, beauty, and food. I was fortunate enough to start Liv For Luxury a little over two years ago with the help of my older brothers, Matthew and Paul. I was always familiar with the blogging world, and because of my background in communication and writing from Fordham University in New York, the concept of blogging always intrigued me. I never fully understood the vast opportunities that could come from this rapidly growing industry until Paul introduced me to the idea and expressed how perfect a fashion blog would be for me. Throughout my life, I have taken pride in finding ways to make my outfits stand out among the rest. My friends would constantly ask me, “Liv, where did you get that?” or “Could you please help me shop?” I was always happy to give advice and outfit inspiration to my friends. This remained consistent into my college years, which is when my brother approached me with the concept of creating a space to share my love of fashion. Through daily posts on my blog and Instagram, I am able to share with my followers a dose of outfit and beauty inspiration and everything I "liv" for. My style is unplanned and generally a reflection of my mood. There is no concrete approach to my blog other than staying genuine to my style, following my intuition, and doing what feels right for Liv For Luxury.