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Paul’s Look: RRL Blazer | RRL Sweater | RRL Denim | RRL Boots

I wanted to change things up for todays blog post and feature my brother/photographer, Paul! He has made a few appearances in past blog posts, but I want to feature him on the blog more often so he can share his personal style. Paul’s style has had an influence on me recently. He sort of has a western flare to his classic, yet modern look, which made me gravitate toward the Nella Poncho from Club Monaco. The contrast angles, ribbed construction and poncho silhouette makes for the perfect western inspired topper. Paul’s timeless blue blazer was modernized with his athletic inspired crew neck sweater. We paired our outerwear with dark denim, which provided an overall effortlessly clean look.

Our newest obsession for Fall are these custom hats created by one of our good friend Gabe Collins. The inspiration behind his hats is a distress western style, which made them the perfect finishing touch to our looks!

Shop our looks below:

Liv’s Look

Paul’s Look


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